Working in the City

Walking from the train station to my office every day, I see a lot of families with cameras & city maps & museum brochures. It reminds me of our trips to various cities during summer. Now I have adjusted to the train commute, I have actually started enjoying it.  I get to see so many people every day. The Ed Fund office is at a great location in Philadelphia center city. We are only few blocks away from the City Hall and the iconic Philadelphia Love Park. There is a very nice view of the Ben Franklin Parkway and Art Museum from our office. And the weather this summer has been beautiful.

My work here is getting interesting and challenging. I have been asked to look into the Ed Fund’s current IT infrastructure and propose possible improvements. I have now listened to most of the users here & have looked into their IT requirements. In Lean sigma speak – Voice of the customer, Voice of the process & Gemba.  I am now looking into various solutions that may fit Ed fund’s technology needs. Apart from my comfort zone of firewalls, routers & VPNs, I am reading more about cloud computing, various providers, different applications, databases etc. It will be interesting to see how all these can be pulled together and a solution put in place.BF parkway city hall love park

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