Loco for a Night Out at the Durham Bulls Baseball Game


Prevention Partners employees and their families, along with past and present interns  took advantage of an unseasonable cool southern summer night (high 70’s with low humidity) and hung out at the Durham bulls baseball game in Durham, NC.

icecream1photo 4photo 5photo 10photo 8Silly Hazel

The Bulls beat Toledo, but the big winner of the evening were the Loco ice pops.

Weekly Wellness Tally


–          1 bike rides

–          0 – 1 hour walks

–          0 – ½ hour leisurely swims

–          0 – ½ hour walks at work

–          0 – walks to run errands at plaza across the street

–          3 – ½ hour runs (Indoors)

–          3 – ½ hour runs (Outdoors)  *** Haven’t run much since foot surgery 2 years ago.  These were very ugly runs, but I did it!  Big Shout out to Elina for her inspiration to get me to run again.

–          3 – Biggest Loser Cardio workout video tape.  That Bob dude is evil!

–          1 – ½ hour set of leg trashing.  Lots of squats this time.

Fruit Intake:

–          Averaging 5 or 6 / day

–          Blueberries, blueberries, blueberries

–          Does Applesauce count?

Veggie Intake:

–          Snap peas and carrots


–       Run over by the Wagon –  on the Chocolate:

–       Those Elfin’ Magic Cookie Sandwiches keep showing up at my house. Count = 1

–       Friday date night out for dinner.  Opted for no dessert. The waitress brings these two chocolate squares on the cutest little white plate.  The plate hadn’t even been on the table for 2 seconds before I literately snatched one up and shoved it into my mouth.  My amazing dinner date looks at the plate and see one chocolate square and says “Oh No you didn’t?” as I quietly look out on to the patio pretending to look at the rain drenched trees while eating the most scrumptious chocolate in the world.  Count = 1

–      Summer Wellness Challenge and the Jeopardy Wellness game sponsored by the Interns.  Dove Bliss was the prize for attending and playing Jeopardy.  Count = 1.  I couldn’t disappoint the interns could I?

–       Ice Cream…Why did I bring ice cream to the summer intern thank you luncheon?  1 container each of Breyers vanilla and chocolate.  The Prevention Partners gang loved it, and then I took the ice cream home.  I literally ate 1/2 of a container of chocolate ice cream while standing at the kitchen sink.  When my son went to get some ice cream, he just looked at the inside of the container and back at me.  “Did you eat 1/2 the container?  Mom, you are going to get so sick. Did you take your medicine?”, I shake my head from side to side as he replies, “Go Take Your MEDS!”  Uggg.  Intelligent, responsible children can be so annoying at times. Count = 87


See you next week,
Pulse 2014 volunteer at Prevention Partners, Chapel Hill, NC, USA




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