GEMBA really works

I’ll admit that sitting in a meeting room in RTP hearing about the GEMBA (fancy way of saying “go see what’s going on!”) principle and how to use ADP in my PULSE assignment, I was a bit skeptical. Well, sign me up as the poster person now. This stuff really works! I didn’t tell any one that I was doing a GEMBA on them, but I did get to see up close and in person what the issues and concerns are here at Urban Ministries. Hearing the voice of the customer loud and clear, that next step of identifying issues to be converted into opportunities was a natural step. People got excited about it and have really gotten involved.

On Tuesday of this week, I will present four proposals for projects to address opportuities for management endorsement. The proposals are on a form that looks suspiciously like one we used in our ADP training, as it defines the scope, the business goals and strategies, what will be the deliverables, what the customrs want and the benefits! It also breaks the project down into ownable bits, naming the person who will deliver each portion and when. Most of these projects are things that the agency has wanted to do for a long while, but just had not gotten organized to deliver. I am excited for Tuesday to see which project to start on first with the teams! I selfishly want to work on all four projects but may need to leave something for the next round of PULSE volunteers!

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