August 08


Delta – Such a Belter!

Okay, so I described June as roller-coasting,

With wide open arms, my embrace for July, such a welcoming!

Its moments of declivity it turned out, moments deserving of total repress!

Enclasped by your big arms, a much needed hug to ease my moroseness!


Whilst I try to unravel the problematical,

Allow me a moment to sound biblically philosophical,

Beloved, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call”.


Forgetting what lies behind:

It is official [so I was told]! The Polo in all its ‘glory’, new tyres [not forgetting the spare], full fuel tank, glass, metal, rubber, plastic, fabric, upholstery, electricals, electronics, … what else goes into the making of an automobile?, some intricate engineering skill? – anyway, all is now worth nothing but a journey to the scrap yard for the ultimate scrapping! Perhaps, recycle the salvageable? An emotional farewell it will be! It definitely will not be a belter but a moment to forget!


Aah! Lest I forget! Selfish me!

History was made in July, remember? Well, I remember!

11 million British Pounds sterling was raised by Golden Lane Housing (GLH), the first ever charity bond to be listed on the London Stock Exchange; to fund the purchase of houses for adaptation into suitable homes for individuals with a learning disability!

Now, that was a belter!

It was so much of a belter that another historic moment was observed during a related commemorational event.

On Wednesday, 30 July 2014, two of our tenants opened the market at the London Stock Exchange. They are believed to be the first people with a learning disability to do so! Their testimony, a great testament to the support GLH provides to individuals with a learning disability. It was a celebration of our success so far and in spurring growth in reaching out to more individuals with a learning disability in need of suitable homes.



Pressing on toward the goal, for an upward call?

Oh! That really reminds me of the upward call I’ve bravely signed up for!

I joined GLH with GLH – glee, love, heartiness,

My expected deliverables clearly laid out for me!

Largely to be relied upon, my Mencap – my personal capability!

A challenge for my faculties, a developmental opportunity!

But what if I could add on a physical challenge?

Something reminiscent of your environs – The Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge!

To help raise funds to support the noble work of The Royal Mencap Society.

So whilst I subject my body to a rigorous training regime,

An opportunity to petition your benevolence,

To support my first ever 25-mile, 12-hour walk over such a demanding terrain,

The survival mine, the gratitude yours, the glory of course will be Mencap’s!


My first ever physical challenge for a charitable cause, that will definitely be a belter,

Occurring in September, the month of my birth, that will be brilliant!

That leaves August, thus the question I bet to ask,

Will August be filled with august moments?

Wish I had a crystal ball!

Be it of crystal composition or muscular,

Your eye balls are precious,

A treasure to be treasured.

So see you soon!


Your Beloved,


Pulse of Ulverston