Malaria Consortium Bangkok- Journey of 1st Month

Dear Friends,
It’s been more than a month for me in Bangkok now with Malaria Consortium. I wrote my last blog almost a month back. A lot has happened over 30 days.
Let me talk about my professional work first. I am working with Malaria Consortium (MC) which is one of the world’s leading non-profit organizations specializing in the comprehensive control of malaria and other communicable diseases – particularly those affecting children under five. Their mission is to improve lives in Africa and Asia through sustainable, evidence-based programs that combat targeted diseases and promote child and maternal health.
I am working here with a team of experts in Vector Control management; Monitoring, Evaluation and Surveillance experts; and Behavioral change communication experts. My job title is External communication volunteer with MC. For me this is an interesting field as I have never worked in external communication, but I have started enjoying my job now. Some of my job responsibilities include
1. Review and update existing stakeholder mapping
2. Produce detailed donor/influencers profiles
3. Provide assistance in getting together content for marketing/donor proposals
4. Research and produce a situational analysis of dengue in the Greater Mekong region
5. Develop a plan for influencing the malaria sector on dengue, making it a higher priority

On 17th and 18th July, I got my first chance to go for a field visit; I went to a small village near Thailand-Myanmar border and attended a community meeting in Ratchabury province of Thailand. I was impressed to see the kind of efforts MC does to make these meetings successful. MC has collaboration with a local NGO which works as implementor and MC provides technical support. And you know what, It’s as challenging to bring common people (Community) in a meeting as to bring a doctor in a SPM. For the first time, I saw two translators working in chorus, MC staff was speaking in English which was translated in Thai by one translator which was further translated in Karen (local language) by other, but coordination was wonderful. It was a fulfilling experience to see people working to create awareness about Malaria control in community.





The more time I am spending with MC, more knowledge I am getting on Malaria and Dengue prevention. I was just amazed to know different tools and techniques to stop and kill mosquitoes, eg. Guppy fish put in water tanks which eats Mosquito Larvae. Have you ever heard of GM mosquito, genetically modified mosquitoes; a biotech firm has genetically engineered males of the species Aedes aegypti so that their offspring die before reaching maturity. If released GM males mate with enough females, a population crash should ensue, dramatically reducing the chance they will pass the dengue virus to humans. I think I should write a blog on different techniques to prevent a mosquito bite 
Other than work, Thailand has a lot to offer to unwind and relax. Last week (2nd and 3rd August), I got a chance to visit Pattaya with other Pulse Volunteer Mohamed from Saudi Arabia. We had a great time there doing Para Sailing, Walking with elephants in Elephant Village and ofcourse Pattaya Beach.

Hope to connect with you soon and share more. And yes, I am really missing my family, my friends, my colleagues, my work station back in India.


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  1. Nice to read about your experience. Would be amazing to read about the differnt tools and techniques to keep mosquitoes at bay. Looking forward for your next post.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience of your first month Pavan – very interesting to read. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on how you are experiencing the Thai culture and how this might differ from your own country and culture. Great start to your blogging, look forward to hearing more from you!

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