FIGS and Dates

Continuing my journey in crisis services, today I want to share about an unbelievable program known as FIGS. (Not the kind that go into the cookies!) FIGS (Filling In the GapS) is an independent volunteer group that raises funds, 100% of which go toward providing emergency prescription assistance for residents of Wake County, NC. Urban Ministries oversees the administration of the FIGS program, where residents can apply on an as needed basis only once every four months for prescription assistance. It might be the difference in a toddler with an earache getting the antibiotic he needs or a senior receiving a critical medication to manage a medical crisis. It is a tough choice to have to choose between food and a needed prescription. Sometimes Urban Ministry can help make that not a choice but a win win situation. When the client meets the income qualification for emergency food they frequently also meet the requirements for prescription assistance. Shopping for the least expensive option, a voucher is given to the client for a partnering pharmacy.

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