August 02


Southern Hospitality…

not sweet tea

On a personal note, I wanted to let y’all know that I’m enjoying life in the South.

Many people do remind me that it hasn’t been your typical hot and sweaty Carolina summer this year…. AND that I must have brought all the rain down from PA. I’m having a lot of fun exploring the area. Raleigh is about 3 hrs from the beach and the mountains, (local selling point that people keep mentioning. BTW, you had me at hot weather!) I did a fun beach weekend, went kayaking for the day at Jordan Lake, hiked in a few of the state parks, biked on some great trails, and attended some local festivals. Food wise, I have tried grits, all different kinds of BBQ, biscuits and fried green tomatoes. I’m good with most… but I’m okay to leave the grits on the plate. Just so you know, I still LOVE my Mexican food. At the local Chipotle, i have to share that I came across 2 iced tea containers on the counter —“Sweet Tea” and “Not Sweet Tea”. Too funny! As posted in an earlier blog, the South does not kid about their sweet tea.

Karen Foust, my GSK PULSE buddy from R&D, and I are having fun diving into Stop Hunger Now processes and ways of working. It was on day 2 when we realized we were using the pronoun “WE” when talking about Stop Hunger Now. That was profound and interesting…. SHN employees have a lot of passion and a strong mission focus. It’s not surprising that we made that fast of a transition.

Karen and I were asked to help facilitate a 2 day summit with the marketing and sales departments. We were able to share several of the GSK ADP Tools, fist or 5, meeting roles, ways of working, and process mapping. It was a great meeting and we were able to get a better understanding of how they the teams work together.

I have also been focused on the warehouse program staff, reviewing best practices & processes they use for meal packing events. I’ll be in Richmond, VA this coming week to capture their best practices. Y’all take care now….