My first month’s last week’s notes.

My dear colleagues, friends and blog followers!

I apologize that I didn’t share anything interesting with you last week…for I was pleasantly surprised to receive a lot of messages questioning if was ok. Probably it was worth skipping that week to understand that my news is being waited for and the blog is read 🙂

To my wonder, the previous weekend I woke up to the sound of the summer rain with lightning and thunderstorm … it was a very pleasant and refreshing surprise, which entailed disruptions electricity and Internet for the following two days))) Perhaps this is one of the features of Africa.
Note the view from my hotel in rainy weather 🙂

IMG_3777 DSC00630
Straight after the weekend two more lovely days off on the occasion of Ramadan awaited for me. With a great pleasure I also accepted the invitation of my colleague to have one of the public holiday’s celebrations in the circle of her family. Sincerity, honesty and openness of the hosts, lovely corner of nature gave me a sincere desire to live that day of my life again)))



DSC00773 DSC00739


That’s how very quickly and sincerely, with a huge interest in everything new my first month has passed 🙂

Sincirely yours