Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon

“Many women who seek AIDS services also face the challenge of cancer. It’s not enough to save a woman from AIDS, if she is then left to die of another very preventable disease.” -said George W. Bush.

Women whose immune systems are compromised by HIV are more likely to develop cervical cancer. The Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon, which was launched in September 2011, expand the availability and opportunity of vital cervical cancer screening and treatment and breast care education for women in developing nations who are HIV positive. This activities will save lives by detecting breast and cervical cancer earlier, when there is still time to treat it. HIV prevention and treatment services allow to save millions of lives.

Doctor Airin, one of the leading experts, told why it is so important: DSC00608


“Before the start of cooperation with the organization PRRR once a year we were visited by specially trained medical staff who during a week conducted similar checkup of patients. During these days they could examine about 100-150 women and a huge number of patients remained without proper attention. Now we have an opportunity to screen and treat from 10 to 20 patients a day. And it lasts not a week only, but all year round . A lot of women from other districts and provinces are accessing the services. It is very important, because it helps us better target women at risk, screen them and identify pre-cancer and early cancer stages when these women can still be cured”

A medical test for cervical cancer is very simple and requires just a drop of vinegar and costs pennies , but can save lives. 25% of patients who get this test are referred for additional screening and diagnosis. It is hard to imagine what would have happened to this women and their families without drop of vinegar and healthcare workers, who do their job properly. They really do a great job!



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