July 29


My 1st safari adventure – Akagera National Park, Rwanda

I never thought I’d ever go on an African safari, it’s just not something I thought I’d ever have the time to do but once I found out I was coming to Rwanda I knew I had to take advantage of the opportunity.

This past weekend, I traveled to Akagera National Park. The park has had a troubled past, with refugees from Rwanda’s civil wars returning to live in the area in the late 1990s, harming the environment through cattle-grazing and poaching. Consequently, the government reduced Akagera by half, allowing the new residents to stay in one part and protecting the rest. Akagera’s wildlife has increased significantly over recent years and the latest count estimated that the Park is now home to some 8,000 large animals. Plans are afoot to reintroduce lions and possibly rhinos (sometime in September), making Akagera National Park a “big five” destination once again. I’ll be back!

This was an amazing experience for me, to see wildlife up close and personal was exhilarating. I saw baboons, zebras, giraffes, water buffalo, hippos, white face monkeys, antelopes, warthogs, crocodiles, water buck, and a few others. Also, Akagera is home to over 550 bird species, I’m not big into bird watching but it was hard not to get excited about seeing all the different birds.

I’ve included a few pictures but I’m not sure they do it any justice. If you have an opportunity to go on safari, my suggestion would be to go and enjoy the experience of being witness to stunning wildlife, vast plains, and spectacular surroundings.

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