July 25


One week to go before my PULSE assignment


One week to go before  my PULSE assignment and I am staring at my computer screen wondering what do I write here!   I still cannot really believe that I am about to leave for my assignment with the Navjyoti India Foundation based in Delhi, India for 6 months. Prior to my holiday, I focused on ensuring that my GSK work had as much of a smooth transistion as possible and really did not have time to focus on preparing for my PULSE trip.  Now back from the holiday, feeling refreshed, I am beginning to gett my head around preparing for this assingment.  However, not to make things too easy for myself, I decided to throw a garden party at my  house for about 120 people!   Lots of great things have happened this year and I wanted to celebrate with my family and friends…..my two lovely daughters have graduated this year and starting on a new paths for themselves.  My husband, Rashmi and myself have our 30 year wedding anniversary as well this year and well to top this year…I got picked to go on this once in a lifetime opportunity to go and work with an NGO.  To really get involved in working with the community and to try and make a difference to people’s lives.  GSK’s moto of “do more, feel better and live longer” cannot be more applicable with this assignment.  A brief outline of my assignment is that I will be working with the local migrant community to find out what their nutritional and healthcare needs are and than to put an educational programe in place to address those needs.  I am looking forward to getting involved with this NGO but still have some reservations with regards to leaving my family and comforts of home,  friends and colleagues.