One Small Step Achieved!

This week marks a remarkable step on the Skill to Succeed Project in Vietnam!

The Skill to Succeed Project is a global project to improve employment prospects of at-risk youth aged 16-24 in 6 countries, including China, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Vietnam. The key cities to focus on Vietnam are Da Nang and Can Tho.

After desk research and key informant interview, we have successfully identified 3 priority sectors that are growing and also suitable for our targeted youth in the 2 cities respectively. And this week, we had a meeting in Can Tho on Tuesday and Da Nang on Thursday with key stakeholders and partners to align on the 3 priority sectors identified.


Meeting in Da Nang, Vietnam
Meeting in Da Nang, Vietnam
Meeting in Can Tho, Vietnam
Meeting in Can Tho, Vietnam

The meetings went very well and the 3 priority sectors for youth were aligned: Tourism, agriculture & aquaculture processing, and Mechanics for Can Tho, and Tourism, Sales and Mechanics for Da Nang. After that, we will be entering the 2nd phase of our project, to carry out in-depth interview and focus groups of these 3 priority sectors, and identify crystal-clear opportunities for youth and how to equip them with vocational training.

As a marketing brand manager, my role here is to help the team to improve the market research process, the review the questions so that more insights will be obtained, as well as doing summaries and analysis, and finally put together into slides for presentation. I really appreciated the help from my colleagues here who help me a lot, including giving me lots of background of the project and translating for me during the meeting so that I know what was going on. The 3 successfully identified sectors are the result of good teamwork as well as collaboration.

We have to gear up and prepare for the next phase of the research, and I really hope that the little things I am helping today will bring a big impact to the at-risk youth in future.


  1. Hi Brenda!

    Sounds like you have a challenging, yet rewarding job ahead of you. Looking forward to reading more about what you are doing at Save the Children.

  2. Hi Sharona!

    Yes, the job is challenging yet rewarding. And I am glad I am doing something that have long-term impact on the teenagers’ lives. I remember what you said: you are not alone. And I really found this is so true. When I feel frustrated on work, I got my coach, I got my colleagues in Hong Kong, I got other volunteers, I got the Pulse team, and of coz I got you my buddy! So I am happy and not afraid of the challenges ahead. 🙂

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