Home from home

Chillers, Boilers and Plant rooms.  All familiar territory back in my job role at GSK.  On a slightly smaller scale, the new Hospice has similar systems to provide air conditioning, central heating and hot water for the whole building.




The commissioning of these systems started this week and it was interesting to see how this is approached in a different working environment.  All the pipework is clearly identified but once it leaves the plant room, it’s hidden away behind access panel and above false ceilings.


False Ceiling

Plant Room



Electrical distribution boards are also tucked nicely away behind access doors disguised to look like storage cupboards.  A very different way of working to the industrial environment.


All of these efforts to hide the services really do make a difference to the overall look of the building.  It does however present a challenge when having to deal with any maintenance issues that arise.  One of my tasks is to clearly (but discreetly) identify these access panels and produce a master list or directory of where each service can be accessed.  This will ensure that future maintenance work can carried without the need to waste time searching the building, lifting ceiling tiles and opening access panels to find the isolation valve or service required.