Getting my feet wet

20140725_131357 my moto-x 178

It has been three weeks and I am kind of getting my feet wet here. I now have a name plate! So it is real… I am very much part of the Philadelphia Education fund now J

Mine is a home assignment, my GSK home location is the Philadelphia area and I am volunteering at the Philadelphia Education Fund. But having a non-American cultural background, I can sometimes feel like I am in a very new place. For now, most of the people here have learnt to pronounce my first name, but my last name… they are still working on it.

Another thing happened that reminded me of my non-American cultural background. Today we were part of an ‘All staff meeting’ where the vision & mission of the Ed fund, the goals and programs were all discussed. There were some hands on activities that were interesting, so read on…

One of them was the song list. We were asked to come up with songs that would define our strength, Ed fund’s mission, goals and one song for the kids. I actually could not come up with a single song. Don’t get me wrong, I love music. But my music knowledge is limited to the Indian classical, semi classical & film music. I have listened to a few English songs & can recognize one or two old & new songs. But I have not listened to the extent of knowing the lyrics. So my playlist was blank! I now plan to get everyone’s playlist and make it a point to listen to them, I am sure the lyrics will be motivating.

Another activity that was interesting was to do with yarn. We were all asked to stand in a circle. Using a bundle of yarn we were supposed to connect with people who we work with per the Ed fund’s Strategic plan. The ‘connections yarn’ started with the President and was passed on to others according to how they felt connected. By the time the yarn bundle had crisscrossed a few people, the yarn got tangled. I being the mother & an IT support person, always with the mindset of problem solving, jumped on to untangle the yarn. I kept doing this until the yarn bundle got passed on to everyone! It was very symbolic to the work I am entitled to do – making sure they are all connected in the digital space. Do you see me (in the picture) in the middle untangling the yarn?

More later, Prathibha


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