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One of my biggest worries after the initial excitement of finding out I had been given the opportunity to go on a PULSE assignment to Tanzania was that I needed to use a blog for the first time. I found the idea of doing this very daunting. I really didn’t know how to beginning or what to say. I started to read previous volunteers blogs in order to find one I could plagiarise, turns out a blog isn’t really something that can be copied. In my search I found the blog of Harshna Mistry (PULSE alumni 2013, Kenya) she is based in Cambridge, her blog was a good read and she was based in Africa for 6 month, so I arranged a face to face visit to get her take on PULSE and blogging. Her insights into her PULSE experience were so informative and the blog really doesn’t seem so daunting now. Thank you Harshna Mistry.

Emma Drawbridge


  1. Hi Emma, I enjoy reading jour blog so jeep on listing ! Had some bbq corn on the cob last Thursday with goat skewer in a random cafe and it was really good, so it looks like it is a common East African dish … Good luck with the Swahili … My progress in Kirundi are embarrassingly slow ☺

  2. Hi Emma, How is everything, work, accommodation, Dale….? Hope all is going well and you’re settling in nicely! Take care

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