Friday Night Take-Away – Emma Drawbridge

Walking home from work on a Friday night I thought to myself, what’s better than cooking on a Friday night, a take-away is better. Dar Es Salaam is great for street stalls and one takes my fancy based on the amazing aromas. This particular street stall sells barbecued chicken and barbecued corn cobs. So I order one chicken quarter and one corn cob. The barbecued chicken was flamed grilled and tasty; the barbecued corn cob was interesting. I would recommend you all to try a lightly flamed corn cob. I partially liked the eco friendly take-away packaging.
Emma Drawbridge


  1. Oh I love bbq’d corn on the cob…large dollop of butter is essential – although cant imagine that makes it easy to eat in the eco friendly take away packaging – butter dribbling down your chin is not a good look! X

  2. Chicken and sweet corn nice…. I take it that you are getting on ok with the lingo now , cos you didn’t end up with hot water 🙂

  3. Be under no allusions Ian, I am certainly not picking up as much lingo as I would like.
    When shopping there is a lot of pointing involved. Also the Swahili for chicken is chicken.

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