Agile Software Development and Prevention Partners

Agile Task Map

Whether you are developing software to meet robust data integration needs for delivery to external customers or reevaluating your business processes, agile software development methodology is an efficient and effective method to convey information by encouraging face-to-face conversations.  The Technology and Continuous Improvement (T&CI) team here are Prevention Partners used Agile to design new SharePoint team sites.  Armed with colored markers and post-it notes, the team exposed dependencies, defined data attributes for various objects, and developed ways of working cross-functional areas.  One hour worth of Agile Task Mapping resulted in solid requirements meeting the stakeholders needs for three SharePoint team sites.

Agile Tool kit

Naturally, marker colors were distributed by Duke and Carolina blue to the appropriate alumni (Sorry, no NC State Alumni were in the room to work the red markers).

Weekly Wellness Tally


–          2 bike rides (Forecast of Rain for the rest of this week)

–          2 – 1 hour walks

–          0 – ½ hour leisurely swims

–          3 – ½ hour walks at work

–          2 – walks to run errands at plaza across the street

–          3 – ½ hour runs (indoors)

–          3 – ½ hour set of leg trashing.  Added leg weights this week to ensure my legs look more like rubber than ever.

Fruit Intake:

–          Averaging 4 or 5 / day

–          I have a very deep affection for watermelon at the moment

–          2 weeks ago: 1 peach- I had grilling plans.  Yeah, looks like the peach and her little apricot cousin are headed to the compost pile.

Veggie Intake:

–          Snap peas and green beans were my staples this week


–          1 Chocolate:  1 Keebler Fudge Stripe cookie.  Thank goodness the store didn’t have any of those Elfin Magic cookies (E.L.Fudge sandwich cookies).  Those things are beyond words…


See you next week,
Pulse 2014 volunteer at Prevention Partners, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

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