Finding Pearls in the Ocean

Save the Children office @ Da Nang Vietnam

I am so lucky that I got to travel to another part of the city by my 2nd week here with Vietnam Save the Children.

My 1st assignment is to help with the Skill to Succeed (S2S) Project. This is a global project to improve employment prospects of at-risk youth aged 16-24 in 6 countries, including China, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Vietnam. The key cities to focus on Vietnam are Da Nang and Can Tho.


Beautiful Da Nang


Da Nang is a small little town by the coastal area in the central part of Vietnam, while Can Tho is a city in the southern part near Ho Chi Ming City. The task that the team is working on is to identify top 3 priority industries that are growing and suitable for our targeted youth so that we can enhance the vocational training for them and equipped them with relevant skill sets to take up employment opportunities in future. To be honest, it was a bit harsh for me to identify given I have zero background on the two cities and all the documents are in Vietnamese that I need to use Google translate which doesn’t make sense somehow. I just had a feeling of “finding 3 pearls in the ocean” at the beginning. Lucky that I got my monthly coaching session with my coach, Kai Yee Loo from Singapore. He was very great and inspired me many other different ways so to help me to identify the top 3 priority industries in an easier and faster way. And thanks to the local team here who has provided me lots of support on understanding more about the background of this project and Vietnam situation.

This is a 2-year project and I really see the great impact of this project to the at-risk youth. And hopefully with my market research experience, I would be able to help the team to improve their process and identify the crystal-clear next steps so that the execution part, i.e., setting up the vocational program, would be much easier even after I leave. This is the sustainable impact that every one of us is working for. 

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