Learn, explore and immerse!

The slogan of my third week was: LearnExploreImmerse!

On Monday I read a lot of descriptions and other interesting information about different databases, with a great desire to understand their basic directions and content. On Tuesday and Wednesday I listened to a trainer about another  system  which is currently being implemented at hospital . Today I  had a wonderful opportunity to observe the very first attempts of medical staff  to enter data into the system and get  first results. I sincerely hope to have a chance to work with this database and apply theoretical knowledge in practice  in the very nearest future.

This week I had my first lesson in Swahili. It is an official language of the Republic of Tanzania, which  means « Coastal Residents’Language “. Perfect workout for flexibility of mind and a great opportunity to penetrate a  nation worldview.
To be honest, I caught myself mouth wide-opened following every movement of a teacher’s hand tracing the words on the board. It brought me back to the sweetest  time – my childhood  and I remembered myself watching my first school teacher ( despite a big difference in time, a desk,  a piece of chalk and a board seem to be the same).

Happy New School Year to me!









  1. Hi Milla, Good Luck with your Swahili learning lessons! I hope you enjoy it because it sounds like you do … it remembers me also on my Primary School time … nice time but decades away. All the best for you and greetings from Kisumu, Kenya!

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