Let’s go for a new adventure


Hi everyone,

I am in my first day in the office, I have my orientation work plan for the week, so for today, I will be introduced to the OGRA foundation, the head office staff, do all the informatics stuff and learn more about my project. Tomorrow I will meet my manager and after visit HealthStart supported schools.

Yesterday, I arrived in Kisumu; there is only one hour of difference so that is not a problem. During the trip, I didn’t sleep at all during the train and the two flight but I am so happy to be arrive with all my stuffs and well yesterday. That’s already a good point for me. I have a little apartment just for me and I have the chance to be just upstairs the apartment of Michel, JoJo and Martin, so yesterday we share a good dinner and a Belgian chocolate. For this weekend they already plan to visit the Victoria lake, Great

The goodbye were no so easy in Belgium, thank you for all your little attention, message, postcard,…

I am feeling good to be here, I m just a little bit tired with the travel and I try to be really concentrate to understand everything in English. I really want to do my best and be helpful so let’s go for it…




  1. hello Victoria!
    Waouw, malgré la route et certainement la fatigue, tu as qd meme écrit un post dès le premier jour, je suis épatée!:-D Contente de te savoir arrivée à bon port et impatiente de lire la suite…

    1. Et en tant que premiere Belge j’ai eu l occasion de feter ca le 21juillet! Belgium’s day 🙂

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