Learning Swahili – Emma Drawbridge

The lovely ladies in my office have been teaching me a Swahili ‘word of the day’. Now I’ve learnt most of the list, the problems come when somebody, anybody says anything to me. For some reason I suddenly feel a lot of pressure and give random replies.

Real life example number one: Friendly stranger – “Jambo”
Emma – “Moto maji ahsanta sana”

The teaching from the ladies in my office is top notch; I can only assume the problem is the student.

Emma Drawbridge


  1. Welld oen for trying – it could have been worse – they could have given you a list of swear words!! stick with it – I’m sure you will need a hot water soon 🙂

  2. Hot Water …… Always usefull …… Are you going to end up like Del-Boy with all his French phrases. 🙂

  3. ‘Word of the day’ is all well and good but how about the international language of ‘The Song of the Day’? Xx

    1. International song of the day hasn’t really taken off here, however one of the doctors young daughters (13YO) recommended a group called P Squared, I believe they are the One Direction of Africa. Check them out on youtube, you will be singing ‘Personally’ for the rest of the day

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