First week on my assignment!

Its been a week since started my Pulse assignment @ the Philadelphia Education Fund.

So the Pulse Volunteer assignment I had been anxiously waiting for, started on July 7th.

All these days, I knew I was going but was busy with my work, home and all the routine that it felt like a distant reality. But now its here!!
Since its a home assignment, the main difference for me is the longer commute to work. Since the weather is good, I am enjoying the train ride to Philadelphia downtown.
All the people @Ed Fund have been very welcoming. They are also eager to find out what my plans are to help them with an improved IT infrastructure. I have spent the first week getting to know the people @Ed fund and the wonderful programs that they run for the students of Philadelphia school district. I have also spent time trying to understand the IT environment and getting ideas for improvement.

This is my first blog entry, I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you, so more details and pictures to come 🙂


  1. Congrats Prathibha on the start of this amazing journey. I know you will make great changes for their infrastructure. I look forward to follow your journey!

    All the best,

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