How will I overcome all this difficulties???

From time to time, preparing for my PULSE assignment, I read various articles about difficult life in Africa and ready myself for completely different conditions of life, mentally building a plan of how I will overcome all these difficulties and get stronger and stronger…

Upon arrival, after all my flights I was met by my NGO boss, despite the late evening and his busy schedule. Our easy-going conversation and nice dinner at a beautiful Lake Victoria have given me the confidence and removed all the fears I had.

It was a real luck to get good accommodation at once, thanks to my colleague from GSK Tanzania who works in Mwanza for that. The location is just wonderful: it is really not far from my work. Moreover, there is constant access to hot and cold water, sometimes even manage to catch wi-fi))) there is power outages sometimes, but it is tolerable.

The following morning I was introduced to my new team: people who have already become close to me ( they are all medical staff of Bugando medical Center and team of Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon).The buildings of medical center to my surprise turned out to be just huge with lots of buildings, floors and stairs)) It was particularly pleasant to hear the native language in which I was greeted by many doctors who had studied in Ukraine and Russia)) And where are real difficulties I was ready to face to develop myself?))))

My team is responsible for many projects and each of them deserves special attention, and so I will not talk about work on this blog but will definitely come back to them later… three wonderful days off were waiting for me after three working days…

My visit coincided with an annual team building event: a lot of interesting activities, sports games, barbecue and dancing and one of the most important event was – an excursion to the museum of Julius Nyerere, the father of the nation, who presented independence to many nations of Africa. After that weekend I understood that next six month I will be working with responding, creative, communicative, smiling, easy-going and willing to help people)))

Working in the same mood, implementing the system which helps extend the life of many people-that will be my challenge))






From Milla with Love))


  1. Milla, I am really glad you are having a good time there combining work and pleasure, helping people and making new friends! Keep it up!

  2. Hi, happy to hear that you are already settled in Tanzania and started to work on the project! the pictures are great. wish you success in you job and enjoy Africa!

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