Alpha – Missing Ulverston

Ulverston, my adopted home,

When shall I come back to thee?

Boundless is the peace you give me,

Boundless is the love I have for thee!

When shall I come back to be with thee?

For each passing moment I miss and think of thee!!


When we parted company that early dawn,

Perilous was the journey to that Roman road!

An hour’s respite at the service station provided no respite at all.

3.5 hours later…

Feeble was my body, down-hearted my spirit,

But an early rise awaited me no less!


My first commute to the vicinity of my new workplace was no stress,

But an hour’s search for the 15-storey building left me perplexed!

The day was long, my body weary,

But thanks to my new colleagues at GLH, I remained cheery.

A 30-minute drive for a 4-mile commute back to my temporary abode, really?

My bucolic brain struggled to fathom.

Surely, my weary legs could dare go faster!

A soothing shower, a peaceful rest…

The first day!


Awoken I, the second day looked promising,

Well, so I thought … but alas the Mancunian elements lay awaiting!

A focussed me, a cruising Polo…

A trusted TomTom dutifully directing…

How did this signalling, braking, bulldozing white car…

Screech past, ending up less than 1m in front of me at 40-50 mph?

What happened to ‘mirrors-signal-manoeuvre’?

Blind spot checks, minimum safety gap, motorway regulations…

The Highway Code completely disregarded!

Perhaps that is the Mancunian way?

Of course – it was on the ‘Mancunian Way’!

A zigzagged Polo, a shaken me, hhuurrhh!! my death awaited me…

A minor scratch to a Civic, a runaway culprit…

My life spared, control fully regained.

A composed and lawful I pulled over,

Details exchanged, a law-enforcement car whizzed past unperturbed!

My second day – a road traffic incident, a dented Polo, a third party claim…

My ‘final destination’ narrowly missed…

A hundred and seventy-seven days remain!!

A sombre evening…


The next days of my first week were less dramatic.

An eagle eye for those Mancunian elements ensured that!

I met more of my new colleagues at GLH,

And at last the Director himself!

My remit reviewed, my faculties still acclimatising.

Exciting times for GLH, very privileged to be a part of this team!


My subsequent engagement with the law enforcement officers,

Offered no assurance to tracking down the culprit.

No CCTV – their verdict, a confounded me…

The third party claim seemed the only resolve!

My final discourse with one of them,

Culminated in an admiration for your tranquillity…

Such was his testimony about you, my Beloved…

About the beauty and serenity of your environs,

His time on beautiful Lake Windermere…

A relaxing picnic amidst a picturesque Cumbrian setting…

Thinking of you…, the dialogue amicably ended!

The third party claim still reverberating in my mind nonetheless… huh!


My first weekend was relaxing, albeit a drowned TomTom,

Oooooh! Our 5-year trusted commensalism abruptly ended at a tot’s pleasure!


My second week was personally more fulfilling,

Good-bye to a roller-coasting June, welcome July!!

Aside finding a quicker route for my inbound commute,

One of the things I learnt: Outcome ≠ Output.

The former describes the value or change generated by an activity,

The latter is the immediate, direct measure of an activity.

But the indicators/metrics should be clearly linked to the value or change!

The true value of the outcome for beneficiaries, end-users, stakeholders…


The ‘concept of relevance’ of indicators intrigued me,

“the degree to which something which is measured truly reflects that which it is intended or hypothesised to represent”.

Hmmm! a key learning for life…

After a number of reports read and models studied, my remit at GLH became clearer.


Not forgetting my Thursday spent with you, my Beloved – refreshing, it was.

Tasks completed, a pleasantly surprising mail, friends and colleagues met.

A brief encounter, a satisfied me!


I look forward to being with you soon, my Beloved!

Before then, there are surely more tales to share.


With most of my baggage still unpacked, I sign-off for now…

A Phil Collins’ melody for your evening’s relaxation,

And for every day  that passes, you’ll remain in my thoughts…


Your Beloved,

Ulverston Signature Final

Pulse of Ulverston


Pulsing initiated. Background - my office building, the Hoad Hill and Monument in my Beloved Ulverston.
Pulsing initiated. Background – my office building, the Hoad Hill and Monument in my Beloved Ulverston.3




  1. Hi Yaa,

    Great first post and sounds like you have had quite an experience already!

    We miss you but enjoy the experience


  2. Sounds like you have had an eventful start – hope the commute gets better! Quite different from Ulverston!!!!
    Glad that you are settling into life in GLH….definitely an exciting time for the charity with the bond launch. Would be great to catch up and see what has happened in the last few months! Great first blog! Clare

  3. Lovely ode Yaa – just imagine what the Mancunian roads would be like if we threw a few cumbrian tractors into the mix! Can’t wait to see what happens next!


  4. Wow love the poetry and eventful times! Hope you had a wonderful reunion with your beloved…. Looking forward to hearing more!

  5. What a great inaugural blog, Yaa! The commute near misses sound scary & hilarious all at once – please stay safe! And there are some mysteries tucked in your lines that I hope will be uncovered with time 🙂 Take care, best wishes & keep writing!

  6. Hi Yaa, what a sweet post. How long did it take you to get this? I never knew of the artist in you. I love it!
    I like the lesson on Outcome versus Outputs and the fact that indicators/metrics should be clearly linked to the value or change. Amazing.
    Please come back because, I’ll surely be back for more.

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