Sawadee Khub – No Durian allowed in Hotel premises

IMG_20140706_220337Sawadee Khub (Greeting in Thai Language)

My Pulse assignment started on 1st of July and I am glad to share that I have settled down well in Bangkok. My office at Malaria Consortium is one of the most diverse places which one can think of. Bangkok office have 10 employees – Three of them are Thai, one German, one French, one Pakistani, one Bangladeshi, one Australian, one Jamaican and one Indian (that’s me). My Pakistani and Bangladeshi colleague can understand and speak Hindi 

I did lots of reading in week 1, trying to understand how Malaria Consortium is working, their achievements and their future plans. Hope I will be able to add value to this unique cause.

Initially I had some issue with food, but with little bit of exploration, I have sorted this out.

My GSK colleague from Saudi Arabia Mohamed is also in Bangkok and he is working with Leonard Cheshire Disability. It’s good to have him in Bangkok, we are exploring Bangkok together 

Bangkok is an awesome city, well-connected through local transport, people are helpful and friendly. I am trying to learn few Thai words which can make life much easier.

I would like to share one interesting piece of information. There is a fruit in Bangkok called Durian. When I checked in my hotel, there was a message on notice board saying NO DURIAN ALLOWED IN HOTEL PREMISES, FINE 2000 Thai BAHT (Around 60 USD). I was wondering why a fruit is banned in hotel, may be because of its formidable thorn covered husk. But the reason is rather unusual. Durian have a strong smell, it’s so strong that it may stay behind in the room for two days. Now that’s interesting. But I will try this fruit some time.

Bye for now…

GSK India

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