Healthy places change lives

Kathy Bayard
While the staff at Prevention Partners mentors organizations to build a culture of health and wellness, I have begun my Pulse assignment by assisting the Prevention Partners staff with developing more robust data inputs and outputs to help them meet their internal and external business needs.
The culture of wellness growing within Prevention Partners is planted by president, Meg Molloy, and nurtured by each director and employee.  Bowls of fruit in the work area encourage us to eat healthy snacks.  A daily 30 minutes of exercise of your choosing waits not as a chore, which needs to be dealt with, but as a calm reset to the day and chance to mingle and catch up with co-workers.  These flourishing seeds cultivate a healthy environment where staff can focus on guiding organizations to be healthy places changing lives.

Weekly Wellness Tally


0 bike rides
5 – 1 hour walks
2 – ½ hour walks at work
2 – walks at work to run errands at plaza across the street
2 – ½ hour runs (indoors)
2 – ½ hour sets of jumping jacks, leg kicks, and various other leg flailing activities where I look like a cancan dancer under severe duress

Fruit Intake:
Averaging 4/day
Cantaloupes are quite delicious this year
Blueberries are a bit tart
Purchased 1 peach (I’ll keep you posted)

Veggie Intake:
Did I mention I haven’t been on a bike ride this week?

1 cup of decaffeinate tea = 2% caffeine. So that makes…humm 2 or 3 cups /day…humm…which equals…I should ride my bike more

1 stinkin’ little chocolate square, which I got caught eating by my kid.  So after that humiliating incident and in a vain attempt to get rid of the secret stash, I set up a covert operation to eat the rest of the 70% cocoa dark chocolate bar under the cover of darkness while everyone was sleeping.  I then proceeded to be sick, which is why I cannot eat chocolate in the first place.

See you next week,
Pulse 2014 volunteer at Prevention Partners, Chapel Hill, NC, USA


  1. Never be embarrassed by eating chocolate. It is good for you – the darker the better. It is all about portion control. So one little square is GOOD for you. Enjoy. Carpe Diem!

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