A Good Mission…

My PULSE journey began last week with a bold commute to a strange and foreign place far from home (Yonge and St. Clair). Unfamiliar faces stared curiously as I pedalled past huts (mansions) on a steep incline for a daunting adventure (20 minutes from bed to work).

Unlike some of my brave PULSE counterparts venturing off overseas, I am working on a local assignment with the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS). CCS began in 1938 so just celebrated their 75th anniversary last year. Their mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer.

This mission hits home, personally, with each and every one of us and learning about the organization’s work as the largest charitable funder of cancer research in Canada, advocacy and support programs over the past week has been inspiring!


As the organization works to deliver on its first truly national strategic plan (CCS has divisions across Canada), I will be working on several projects including facilitating the 2014 risk management prioritization for strategic planning, developing recommendations for streamlining marketing strategy and resources across the divisions and helping to embed some of GSK’s ADP ways of working principles within the organization.

I am so glad that GSK offers this robust corporate volunteer program and I know that it is greatly appreciated by the NGOs that we work with. I have been greeted with open arms, already feel like part of the organization and get invited to certain boardroom meetings that happen to coincide with World Cup soccer matches.

Stay tuned for updates as I get my feet wet.

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