Understanding the Long Walk to Freedom and Better Nutrition..South Africa here I come !

A drink of Water is all !
A drink of Water is all !
About 3 years ago I spent a few weeks on a Field Mission Trip building houses in South Africa,along with visiting Day Care and Elder Care Centers (off any social service radar screen) in order to lend a helping hand. When I first saw this little guy, he was crying silently in a corner, away from the other children in one of those busy shipping containers used for classrooms. I asked him what he wanted and in a soft barely audible voice he said..’water’…. I was able to get him a few cups nearby but what really struck me was how incredibly light he was when I picked him up and held him….like holding a wisp of veld grass….well, the stage was set and I was set to get back into the ‘play’ (not the dress rehearsal) that is this one life we have been given here.

Who knew that now, almost 3 years later, I would be returing to South Africa! I am preparing to leave in 3 scant days to go back to Johannesburg, through PULSE, care of GSKs committment to allowing those of us motivated to volunteer to make a difference in our world ~ the freedom to do just that. I will be working with STOP HUNGER NOW, a hunger relief organization that is committed to working together to end world hunger in our lifetime. SHN strives to and is in fact ~ creating a global committment to mobilize the necessary resources in order to do this, one meal at a time !

Please stay tuned as I learn to blog and begin my real deal of giving back and becoming the change !

Share soon !


  1. Love it, Lisa!!! Nelson Mandela would be so very proud of you. Making the world a better place, one person at a time.

  2. Hi Lisa, Quietly, loudly, the voices of the children resonate so deeply within. They definitely tug on our heartstrings. martin

  3. Lisa, you inspired me to upload NM’s book onto my Nook before leaving. It is next in the queue after Anne Rice’s werewolf series. Your picture is priceless. martin

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