My last day at GSK

I have mixed feelings on my last day in the GSK office; I’m really excited about all the new experiences and challenges that are ahead of me but sad to say good bye to the familiar faces I see each day at Ware.

Notice how happy everyone else seems to be that I’m leaving. You may also be able to see the epic personalised leaving card that I am holding; it has all the elements of being a clinton cards best seller, me, holding a pressure washer, while wearing orange overalls. A versatile design that could be used for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, the possibilities are endless.Image


  1. Hi Emma – sorry I couldn’t make it to Ware for your last day. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures here though! Take care, Jane x

  2. Hi Emma, hope you are well and have settled in okay. Can’t wait to hear about your first experiences in Africa. We miss you here.

  3. Hi Emma, hope you are keeping well and are settling in okay. Looking forward to hearing how things are going and what your first day at work was like. Take care.

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