Dynamic Vietnam!


So here I am, at Save the Children Vietnam office.

Today is my 1st day here. And I am so lucky that the office has just moved in to a new building. We got new work stations, new stationery, wifi etc. Everything is so well-equipped here in the head office. But imagine the lives out there in the minorities groups.

The 1st reading that is given by my supervisor is “54 Ethnic Groups” Why different?” Vietnam has gained impressive achievements in economic growth and poverty reduction over the past 20 years. However, progress towards achievement of poverty reduction still remains limited and varies among different ethic groups. There are 54 enthic groups in Vietnam, and understanding on their culture, traditions, customs, living conditions and habits are citical for our strategy formulation. And hopefully after reading this book, I would have a Vietnam overview and incorporate into my program implementation.

I am so looking forward to my new assignments and adventures. All the best to other PULSE 2014 volunteers who are going to start their assignment soon!


  1. Hi Brenda,

    I wish you a successful assignment in SC Vietnam. My assignment in SC Sri Lanka. I am curious to know what is the Project that you are assigned to ? For me it is to give an understanding of CRS activities by Companies in Order SC to link with them. …. Anoma

    1. Hi Anoma,

      Hope you are having a great time in Sri Lanka. My key projects in Vietnam are 1) set up in vocational training program for out-of-school teenagers so that they are equipped with relevant skills for the local job market; 2) similar as yours, to identify coporations that can make donations to SC.

      It would be great if we can keep in touch and exchange some ideas! 🙂

      Cheers, Brenda

  2. Hi Brenda, I believe singing or music is one of the key ways to connect people even you don’t speak the same language. You’ve got talent and i trust you can bring people together with your beautiful voice. Take care! All the best from Hong Kong.

    1. Thanks Ophelia!! Yes I thik music is an universal language that can bring all people together evern we speak different langauge. And another thing is food! I will take care and same to you. See you in Hong Kong in 2015!

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