Senegal/Dakar – Not quite yet

While many of my fellow colleagues have started or are about to start their PULSE journey – reading their blogs I am excited for them – it will be 2 more months for me before departing to Dakar. This gives me extra time to get ready. I’m pacing myself to get all the necessary vaccinations (a big Thank You to the staff at the Navy Yard and Upper Merion clinics, I’ve been in good hands) and I’m having the luxury to read more about the Earth Institute, my host NGO, and Senegal, my host country. I’ve done some hiking in Morocco and Egypt, but I’ve never experienced sub-Saharan Africa. There is also a lot of history between France and Senegal, so I’m looking forward to digging into it and rediscovering some of the facts and stories that were taught in primary school back in France.

Having this extra time will facilitate the transition of my projects to my DPU colleagues, and being selfish, it will allow me to enjoy the rest of the soccer world cup and the upcoming Tour de France. And not negligible, I will avoid the hottest of most humid months in Dakar.

So…2 months away from heading to Senegal, the anticipation is building up, slowly but surely.

Fact #1 – although it’s not always a smooth ride, Senegal has a reputation of being one of the few stable democracies in West Africa.– it has had 4 presidents since its independence from France in 1960.

Leopold Sedar Senghor: Sep 1960 – Dec 1980

Abdou Diouf: Jan 1981 – Apr 2000

Abdoulaye Wade: Apr 2000 – Apr 2012

Macky Sall: since Apr 2012

1 Leopold Sedar Senghor (Sep 1960 - Dec 1980) 2 Abdou Diouf (Jan 1981 - Apr 2000) 3 Abdoulaye Wade (Apr 2000 - Apr 2012) 4 Macky Sall (since Apr 2012)