I have found an unexpected roommate !

Hi all!
Beautiful bank holiday to celebrate the independence of the DRC. So just for fun, let me introduce you my new roommate …. Plumpy !
Plumpy is green (no !!! she is not an alien), silent and very polite ! Very hard to find private accommodation at Lubumbashi but so easy to find unexpected and perfect roommates 🙂

CSC_0061    CSC_0023

Thanks to Plumpy, I have learned two things today.

I have observed Plumpy for several minutes by moving around her and I saw two mobile tiny black dots on both ocular lobes and I realized …. that she was looking at me very carefully !
And the second thing is that I did not notice so far that religious mantes really have a head that looks like that of the frog!

Life could be very surprising when you take the time to look carefully around you with child’s eyes !!
Take care !

Laure Benjamin, PULSE 2014, Volunteer at UNICEF, Democratic Republic of Congo

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