Bye-bye lovely Kyiv!

I’m sitting in the office right now, thinking about Africa. All the last preparations are made already, all the letters are sent and the things are packed. Now I feel a bit sad about leaving the country.
I know that when I come to Africa I’ll be all busy there. In my imagination I’m already getting into the plane, passing the passport control, leaving Ukraine and getting to sunny Africa. I’m landing in the airport and going to the place I’ll be living in for the next 6 months. I know I’ll be met there. I’m curious about my future colleagues, what will they be like? Will we get along well? What is the style of their work? How they spend their free time? What are their values and their worries?
I also think about the local nature, including first of all bugs which I’m afraid of. Hope I won’t meet really big ones! I know there are problems with water in Africa, and I’m not quite sure I’ll take it easy. On the other hand a lot of European people live there and they’re ok. OK will be me as well 🙂
It’s interesting to know about food as well, that do they it, and what it tastes like?
For some part of my country and my city to be with me in my journey, I’ll put here pics of Kyiv!

IMG_1983 IMG_2203 IMG_2251


  1. Hi Millaya ,
    All the best for PULSE volunteer activities in Africa. You will be busy in Africa, wish you get good collegues , nice healthy food and bug free comforable place to stay , because your mission is to serve needy !You deserve the best ! Safe journey ! Happy volunteer days !! Keep on posting your progress Anoma : Sri Lanka PULSE volunteer

  2. Milla, dont worry much of the new things and possible difficulties) u r not alone, i m sure ur future team will support u in any case) dont forget that ur friends and relatives in Ukraine maintain close contact with u all the time. Cheer up!

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