I am going to Mwanza Tanzania Africa


In some days I will go to Africa. It is  already difficult to recall, but only a half-year ago I filled out questionnaire, got consent and comment from my manager and passed two VERY LONG tests, in some period of time there was  final interview. As a result “CONGRATULATIONS” appointment with one of African countries which name I heard  for the first time…

I feel the anticipation of a new culture, meeting new people and the unique opportunity to challenge myself in a new environment …. I am worried about the future of my native country, where are my parents, colleagues and friends … 12 hour flight … a bunch of vaccinations and medicines…

Still I think it is worth it! I will try to do my best and  use every opportunity to be helpful in this amazing country!


  1. I wish good luck!!!Be yourself and make your dreams true!everything will be Fine.My dear dont be afraid:-*

  2. Millaya, Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon is delighted to welcome you to Mwanza, Tanzania where you are working with the Bugando Medical Center. Talk yo you soon. We wish you every success in the next 6 months. Gald to have you!

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