Welcome to Raleigh!

Packing for the Event & The Final Product

Packing for the Event & The Final Product


Welcome to Raleigh, NC where I have to really stress that I want UNSWEETENED tea when I order. I’ve had more discussions with total strangers about the topic of iced tea than I have regarding any other topic, even the weather. Everyone is locked into their iced tea preference and you belong to their “club” if you agree with them on sugar or the lack thereof. I’m meeting a lot of half ‘n halfers down here too. Unfortunately, I’m in the minority here.

My first week at Stop Hunger Now is on the books and I have to say it’s been an amazing week. The first 2 days were new systems introduction, a lot of reading, and meet and greets. The staff at SHN is very friendly and excited that I’m in the house. I love hearing the casual conversations regarding a country that I have no clue where it is. I make several mental notes to look that up on Google map first chance I get. I thought I was pretty decent at world geography…. Definitely need to rethink that!

I decided to spend 3 days at the Raleigh warehouse. It was great moving some rice and soy bags and packing up all the supplies for some local events.  I think I even surprised the warehouse managers with my skills on the pallet jack! It’s been a few years, but it all came back. I was able to attend 2 youth meal packaging events, one for 12K and the other 15K. The events are a lot of fun and I hear some great music while we are making the meal bags. Also note that I’m expanding my music selections since most of the music this past week was geared toward preteen.

I’m impressed with the people here, their ultimate desire to save more time and money to help more people. I see some opportunities where we can help. I’m just waiting to better understand more of the processes and the direction this is taking.

Thanks for all your comments, emails and support thrown my way. I’m proud to be a part of this wonderful program representing GSK.