First week among UNICEF staff !

Great feeling of satisfaction after my first integration week within UNICEF’ team 🙂 !

I had several face to face discussions with my new colleagues to better understand their organisation, their scope of activities and challenges especially in terms of monitoring and evaluation of programs. I’m really impressed by their organization and ways of working which are not so far from GSK’s one and also by the high rhythm of working here. The main difference may come from budget sustainability since their activities depends on donators.

I will work on vaccinations and HIV programs by doing several missions. I’m very excited because it means working in a very different manner with communities in villages … One of my first missions should be in early July in Kongolo (North of Katanga) in order to participate to the monitoring of a vaccination program. Another big challenge here is the size of the country which can become an enemy of time ! For instance you can spend 3 days on the road to travel from Kananga to Mbuji Maye (175 km). Just because you can be bogged down during the wet season or you can be stuck in the sand during the dry season! So you can easily understand why communities have so many problems with access to basic health facilities … when these facilities are not present in villages.


UNICEF Office, Lubumbashi, 22 June 2014

Laure Benjamin, PULSE 2014, Volunteer at UNICEF, Democratic Republic of Congo

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