June 15


Grand Designs

And so it begins…. My six months with Save the Children UK in a role with the rather grand title “Digital Platform Project Fellow”.  We’ve been encouraged to blog as a good way to reflect on our experiences and share our journey – As someone who barely posts on FB, doesn’t tweet & isn’t on Linked In, this is an alien concept – so bear with me!

I’ve loved the idea of PULSE* ever since the programme launched in 2009. At that point, I didn’t even have enough years with GSK to qualify (my how time flies ;-)… Finally in January 2014, the stars seemed to align and I applied (Actually it wasn’t quite that straight forward but hey, not sure the detail would make great reading – however this does seem a timely point to thank managers/business areas who supported my application… the programme doesn’t centrally fund ‘backfill’ positions, so this support is critical to stepping out for 6 months).

We’re told not to get too attached to our job descriptions as these have been written toward the end of the previous year and, understandably, things may have moved on by the time we are in situ… But in essence my role will be working with the Digital team on a new web presence for Save the Children. A key focus for my role is to scope requirements and gain agreement from numerous global stakeholders.  The brief says “The new digital platform will be transformational for the global Save the Children movement” – so no pressure then! Bring it on I say…

 [*For those that don’t know, PULSE is GSK’s skills-based volunteering initiative. Through PULSE, employees are matched to a non-profit organisation for 3 or 6 months full-time, contributing their skills to solve challenges at home and abroad. In 2014, PULSE will send 106 Volunteers from across 34 different countries to work with 42 NGOs in 38 countries!]