What motivated me to join Pulse

Blogging – Another first in my life – Courtesy Pulse 🙂

My Journey of Pulse

It all started in December 2013 when I got this opportunity to volunteer for Orange day and spent a day at HelpAge (St. Anthony’s Home for the Aged) in Mumbai India. I met 90 beautiful aunties, aged above 75. We sang together, danced together, and played together. There was a cake cutting ceremony for them. A group of school students also came to meet these lovely ladies; it was a treat to watch little kids and these beautiful ladies dancing together. It was a great day of camaraderie, giving and receiving.

Emotions were running high when I was returning. I had a mixed feeling of happiness, joy and sorrow.

This day had a huge impact on my life.

That day I decided Imagetwo things

 First – I will never leave my parents alone

Second – I must do my bit to contribute for well-being of society.

And then came the Pulse, I grabbed this opportunity and gave my best shot to qualify for the same, and as they say where there is a will there is a way. And today I am GSK’s Pulse 2014 Volunteer and I will be working with Malaria Consortium stationed at Bangkok.




  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog & photo, Pavan! Look forward to your continued sharing… Best wishes, Ahsiya

  2. Hi Pavan – thanks for sharing this story..its amazing how one small thing can change the course of one’s life..so happy to hear that your inspiration started from Orange Day! Best wishes for your time in Bangkok, Manu Juneja.

  3. Hi Pavan , Orange day is a good experience , and you have shared a good message. All the best for your PULSE assignment in Bangkok starting 1st July. Anoma

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