March 18

Resident Selection Day- March 15th 2014

Selection DaySelection Day- March 8th, 2014
This past Saturday on March 8th, I worked alongside colleagues at the Philadelphia Teacher Residency during Selection Day held at Drexel University. The purpose was to select the 2014 cohort of math and science teacher “Residents.” Candidates were evaluated by individuals from Philadelphia Teacher Residency, Drexel University and students. During the day we met with the candidates and ascertained their preparedness for the Residency year of teaching in Philadelphia. Selection activities include an interview, lunch and discussion with PTR constituents, and a demonstration lesson in front of high schools preceded and followed by an instructional coaching session.
Selection Day is also an invaluable opportunity for candidates to determine if PTR is the right fit for them and to carefully consider the benefits and responsibilities of entering in to a learning community.
I’ve got to say I was impressed by the applicants for a number of reasons. Some of the candidates apply to the program as Careers Changers. One candidate came from 10 year corporate electrical engineering career in NY. His newly defined goals are to give back to inner city community with a goal of teaching math and science in a high needs Philadelphia school.
For a full school year, program participants (Residents) will learn at the elbow of experienced teachers in Philadelphia secondary school classrooms. At the same time, they will take coursework at either the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education or Drexel University School of Education to earn both a Master’s Degree as well as Pennsylvania teacher certification. Many teacher programs consist of only around 14 weeks of student teaching. You tell me, which teacher would you rather hire? A teacher with a full year of teacher training under their belt or someone with 14 weeks? The model for our Residency program is proven successful and is benefiting the high needs schools in Philadelphia.
I am very proud to work alongside my colleagues (Carol, Paul, Mike and Christine) at the fund supporting better resources to the students in the product of highly effective teachers in critical subject matter.
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