Colours and smells

The amazing mix of street sellers, beggars, garbage, buses touting for passengers, inpatient taxi drivers, smells of food and car gases, and lots, lots of people, that’s the western city of Man in Côte d’Ivoire. But also on market days in the villages, you can feel something of this atmosphere. Hereunder some impressions of this street life are shown. Especially the wide range of vendors, varying from shops selling gasoline by the liter (or half), up to fruit vendors and wooden shacks were you can buy call credit for your mobile, it’s all there and running. Quite fascinating! Judge yourself.




DSCN3836 DSCN3908

DSCN3928  DSCN3909

DSCN3915 DSCN3539


DSCN3971 DSCN4158



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