The Kind of People who Pioneer Social Innovation Matter

Last week, Ms Ahsiya Mencin, PULSE Director, drew my attention to Mohammad  Yunus who pioneered microfinance to provide financial tools and power to the poor. I followed up to read a little bit on his approach and the impact he had on people. I was very encouraged. But I began to reflect on something I saw in Ghana during my PULSE assignment. Microfinance institutions are mushrooming all over the place. While some are helping people in several ways, many have become the downfall of families and whole communities, creating every kind of problem you can think of.

What do I make of this? It means, social innovation is just a tool. Its impact on society depends on the integrity of the heart and business acumen of the people who use it. Some like, Mohammad Yunus have used it to bring financial tools and opportunities to millions; others have it to rip people of their livelihood.

Social innovation by itself will not change or save the world; the people who use it will.

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  1. Hi,

    I would appreciate it if you reply to this email to let me if you are my brother Dr. Sampson Kwabena Amponsah-Manager.

    If you are not my brother, Please, kindly help me to look for him. The last I saw him was in 2006 when I was in Greensboro, North Carolina.

    Thank you for your kind help and hoping to hear from you soon.

    Stay blessed.

    Your brother

    Kojo (Agama)

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