January 31


Why I decided to volunteer at Philadelphia Education Fund

Previously when I heard the term, “Residency”, my first thought was a medical residency. What I have learned is that a teacher residency is similar to a medical residency in that it offers hands on experience applying learnings while balancing a full schedule of studies for one-year.
Teacher residencies prepare teachers for the realities that “make teachers cry”- thus aligning manageable and realist expectations to the their teaching environment. Teacher residencies are not required in teacher curriculum.
The retention rate for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) educators in the class room in urban areas is 50% at year two. The retention rate for teacher residents is 85% at year two. The benefit of a STEM teacher remaining long-term in urban school systems impacts the total continuum of social progressiveness.
This is why I am volunteering with The Philadelphia Teacher Residency supporting higher retention rates for STEM teachers in the Philadelphia school system.
My focus is on marketing, business strategies and sustainability of PTR.
I have been at the fund for 9 days.
Take care,