January 13


The End

   I have to share my final Stop Hunger Now meal packaging total because I am so proud: Amanda’s Grand Total = 888,000 meals packaged in 17 Stop Hunger Now events while on my assignment.  Wahoo!!!  That total is actually across three different countries (Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines) within six months.  I am so proud to be part of such an amazing effort to help others and provide sustainable change to the less fortunate.  I also achieved a major PULSE objective of mine, which was to help SHN Asia reach their 2013 goal of packaging one million meals. 


I have been home now (Sewell, NJ) for a couple of weeks and getting acclimated back to the US has been difficult.  The first two weeks were like a blur coming back, I was in such a jet lagged fog, it honestly took me two weeks just to feel normal again.  Don’t even get me started on the adjustment from Malaysia’s tropical weather to New Jersey’s blizzard conditions.  It was hard saying good-bye to Malaysia and the new friends I made the past six months.  I met some great people who went out of their way to show me new places, try new food, or experience new things.  I feel so lucky to have met them and I hope we stay in touch.  It is too sad to think I may never see some of my Malaysian friends again, but in reality we are halfway around the world from one another.  At least now there are various technology and social media options so it won’t be as difficult to catch up with one another and communicate.  I feel like as soon as I got comfortable in Malaysia, it was time to pack up and leave.  I guess that is life though, one door closes, another opens.


I want to personally thank everyone that supported me back home during my PULSE assignment to Kuala Lumpur for the past six months.  Thanks to my mom and dad for watching my dog Jackson, also my friends and colleagues who reached out and supported me with kind words and thoughts.  Special thanks to Carolyn Keba-Bachinsky for taking care of my territory and customers back in the field in North Philadelphia, and my FLL Kathy Radel, for lending me out and therefore becoming  a team member short during a busy product launch time.  I thank you all sincerely from the bottom of my heart for allowing me this opportunity to work and give back to others abroad in this unique way.  Thank you GSK, I am forever grateful and will carry the memories of this experience with me forever.  The End.