John and Dayna in Uganda – Some final thoughts

Recently an extraordinary event happened – a hybrid solar eclipse occurred where the dark disc of the moon completely blocked the bright light of the sun. A town here in Uganda was earmarked by experts as the best place to witness this amazing phenomenon. The last time this type of eclipse was visible was 547 years ago, and the next one is not projected to take place until 2114, making this an extremely rare, once in a lifetime event to see.

Participating in the PULSE program was also an extremely rare, once in a lifetime event for us – one that we will never forget.

How quickly the time has gone by! The experience has been beyond memorable. New friends have been made, lessons have been learned, skills have been honed as well as tested, and feelings of accomplishment abound.

We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to meet the kind people at Marie Stopes Uganda, the dedicated staff and cute-as-could-be kids at the school where Dayna volunteered, and the many, many fantastic individuals who we interacted with in this remarkable country.

Thank you GSK for allowing us to contribute our time to these worthy endeavors. We are forever changed for the better, and are grateful for the incredible gifts we have been given.


  1. I have so enjoyed reading your posts and going along with you on your journey. Can’t wait to talk live when you get back. Hugs — Shelley

  2. and me too!
    Thanking you both for sharing your thoughts and experiences and cant wait to talk to you….in person! Safe travels! Love and Hugs and uh huhs Jil

  3. John, it was great to hear of your experiences. It’s always hard to say goodbye to such a wonderful life changing event. If you need someone to reach out to once you make the transition back to GSK, I’m available. I know it can be a tough process. Enjoy what time you have left.

  4. Hey guys
    Happy Xmas from dark, rainy Manchester, England. Was it all a dream? It sometimes seems so. Hope the last months went well and you had a good exit? Let’s skype in the New Year. You guys did great work for Marie Stopes Uganda and you should be proud of your contribution. Happy New Year! Jon, Julie & Max x

    1. Hey Jon!

      Greetings from Israel….. We are doing a bit of traveling on the way home. We went to Jordan and now we are in Israel.

      We were just looking at the news on TV and it was showing the southern parts of the UK. We immediately thought of you and were hoping that you were not in the affected areas. It looks like some horrible weather.

      We miss you all and cannot wait to catch up, so let’s schedule a Skype call in the new year.


      John and Dayna

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