Nearly the end of the road


It’s been a while since I posted on my Pulse Blog. Sadly this may be the last post.
I have exactly 2 weeks left at my Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA) assignment. 2 weeks ago I attended a Kick off meeting for a European Project that the DSA are involved with, in Oslo Norway. The 3 year Project has been sponsored by the European Commission and aims to create technology such as Apps uses in I pads and smart phones, that will help people with Down’s syndrome with independent living and integrates them into society. Here is a link to a blog I wrote about the project. Also the photo shows the project team in Oslo.

With my experience in project management I feel I am really able to contribute to the team and can help them kick-start the project. The DSA are responsible for creating a dissemination plan for the project and will be keeping this plan updated through the 3 years. I will have just enough time to write a framework and start the plan for the team.

I have also managed to complete the strategic communication plan which I presented to the Trustee Board. They were in agreement with my recommendations and we have also decided on a new vendor who will help update and modernise the DSA website.

As I draw near to the end of my time at the DSA I feel I have really built strong relationship with the staff. I am confident that the implementation of the recommended communication strategy will make a difference to the operational effectiveness of the organisation which will significantly benefit the Down’s Syndrome community as well as the DSA. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity I was given by Pulse to make this contribution and I have learnt a tremendous amount on a personal level also building on my leadership skills. My learnings range from relationship building, flexible thinking, driving and implementing change, influencing and much more. I am also very excited to return to my role at GSK with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

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  1. Lovely to read another blog – this meeting and project sounds exciting! Enjoy your last couple of weeks and hopefully see you soon!

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