The MARS Project takes to the airwaves…

I gave an interview on the MARS Project to KBC Radio Kenya. Please listen past the Shane Ward-esque music in the beginning! Not sure why I sound like I have a cold but hey….its a start to creating awareness and exciting to actually get on the radio in Kenya!!
I would like to point out that the presenter has confused the terms ‘recycled’ and ‘reusable’. The project makes reusable towels not recycled ones! :s


  1. Harshna,
    Clear, relevant, caring, practical, supporting the local economy, sustainable with clear outputs and hopefully outcomes.
    You have started looking at strategic development and communication. This is well come.
    She arrived, observed, researched, developed, applied, imparted skills, achieved results, tested for sustainability, shared the knowledge, raised the profile, marketed the initiative and left a legacy. Met wonderful people and made very many friends.
    Now we are all looking forward to your return home.

  2. Well done Harshna, it’s great to hear what you and the girls have achieved in only a few short months. I hope the adults out there carry on this project and it goes nationwide. Well done you and see you soon. Love Ellen 🙂

  3. Nice bit of coverage, they’ve obviously cut together your off air interview and presented it as live – not to great effect in terms of quality. I think all the key messages come across especially as you were ambushed and didn’t have any prep time! There is still some stigma around menstruation and hygiene and the interviewees don’t seem to appreciate the cleaning and re-using of the towels. Changing these attitudes will probably require some wider education (as I know you’re aware!) but I know this is covered in the workshops. I wonder if the project will be able to cast its net wider in the future?

    What are the plans for scaling the project?

    I do sometimes worry whether you’ll be as satisfied/rewarded with your day job? Having said that if this experience spurs you on to change career and do meaningful work in the world then thats pretty cool, as is going back to GSK with a fresh approach and a new set of skills, perspective and confidence! Either way from what I’ve seen and heard your project has really made an impact both on a community and individual level. Well done, I couldn’t be more proud!

    Love Anand x

  4. Making your mark I see. What a good way to raise awareness of your project and hopefully help more girls. Well done sis you are definitely leaving a lasting impression with this project. Xx

  5. Well done with that interview. was very informative. I hope all the girls and other women in Africa and other countries who cannot afford to buy them every month will benefit from making them and using them.

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