PULSE Lessons: Communication Headaches can be Managed

As I start to feel the countdown to the end of my assignment, I have being reflecting on lessons learned here and there are many of them. Today I want to talk about communication.IMG_4773

Communication and collaboration in a multicultural environment is complex and can be a headache if you expect your style to work. One thing I have learned over here is that if you are not sure about what you heard or that you are heard correctly, follow up and do it again and again until you know that you are sure.

This may not be your natural style, but you must adapt to something that is close to this to survive.  Some of the reasons for this include the fact that we just do not mean the same thing when we say the same thing. Again, in most cases, something that should be said in direct way may come in a rather convoluted fashion and you may need calculus to retrieve the real message. So follow up and ask question. It will save you from wasting precious time and energy doing that which may serve no purpose.


  1. Don’t forget that lesson when you come back into the business at GSK. Communication is critical to the way that we work here, too. 🙂

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