Hard work = Smiley faced girls = Job Well Done :)







And lastly…a request to demonstrate how the towels should be used…. true dedication to the project!



Cue laughter from the girls!…….(I feel like a superhero!!) 😀


  1. Harshna thank you so much for making the girls true meaning themselves again the ragaining of self confidence during their menses and no girl is going to miss class any more and especially for our class eight girls of this they will do their exams with more confidence and the comfort of their desks
    Cheers lady

  2. The pictures tell it all. You should stand tall and be proud, satisfied that you arrived , you researched, you strived, you resourced and you served.
    Job well done and soon time to return home. Your family awaits your arrival.
    Mum and dad

  3. Congratulations, to those girls you truely are a superhero! I’ve enjoyed following your journey and watching how you’ve changed a negative part of the girls lives in to something fun and positive. Really inspiring and you should feel very proud!

  4. Harshna
    The journey of you your project has been followed by a number of people and have noted the your determination and the girls willingness and the hard work has been rewarded – you feel satisfied and happy that the task you embarked on has been achieved. There have been a lot of support from some unknown humans and that has made this project worthwhile.
    Many congratulations.
    Well done Harshna and the OGRA foundation for supporting

    We are all very proud of you

    Love Mum & dad

  5. Dear Harshna
    It makes all that hard work you put in your project worthwhile when you see those girls smiling. You should feel very proud of yourself and the girls should be proud of themselves for putting a lot of effort in making those towels. I was very impressed when I visited the school and saw their willingness to learn. Your project is nearly complete and you have achieved what you set out to achieve. Congratulations and well done.
    Lots of love

  6. Pictures tell a thousand words…Nice to see some evidence of a positive impact! p.s. If you’re just showing them now how to use the towels what were the girls doing up til now?! ha!

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