I haven’t written for a while. For my explanation I can only say that my days here are incredibly intense. The middle phase of my project was about to begin implementing the communications strategy that I’ve designed. So I spent some time preparing content for the microsite as well as the material that would be later on distributed in the affected by soil-transmitted helminthes regions.
The central of my NGO’s is located in Buenos Aires and that is where I am spending my assignment. But besides that, Mundo Sano has offices in Anatuya, Clorinda, Iguazu, Pampa del Indio and in Tartagal. Two weeks ago I had chance to see one of them, in Anatuya, where projects concerning Chagas are being conducted. The Anatuya Mundo Sano office seems to be very friendly. Amongst others, it is used as a training center for kids and adults, has a big garden with animals and plants. When Mundo Sano organizes trainings for adults, often the main theme is concerning agriculture – and prophylaxis is added as addition. That actually seems to fit the local needs- where the subject of health is not treated as a priority. Thanks to that, they can always count on high attendance of targeted population.
In Anatuya we have visited local hospital and the town surroundings – in a distance of about 15-10 km from the center, where you could have seen completely different views, for me it seemed to be like a journey in time.
Kilometers of dry earth, with very few green elements and then gates that one needed to open to get to the village. I was told before, that people living there sometimes have no water for a few days, that what I will see might be a shock for me. For sure that visit made me think a lot about life and our attitude. The people that I have seen live in a very modest conditions, sometimes need to go kilometers to get drinking water, have no electricity, suffer from various diseases. But in the same time, they do not complain. I met women that gather themselves in the evening, and even though they have experiences that for many of us would seem to be impossible to carry, they still can smile. That is the world where people appreciate small gestures. When I compare it to Europe, based on my own example, the truth is that it is harder and harder to notice small gestures and appreciate them properly. I believe that was a kick I personally needed. The visit also make me realize, how great it is to do something that has a real impact on somebody’s life. What Mundo Sano does, I can confirm that with whole consciousness, for sure does.
The last two weeks were reach in emotions and great meetings. I have also spent a day with colleagues from GSK Argentina. Amazingly, how warmly was I welcome by them. During all my stay in Argentina I really felt the GSK support, and not even for a moment I felt lonely in here. That’s also thanks to the people that were all the time in contact with me, reassuring that everything is fine. More than that, it was great to exchange opinions with local comms manager, meet with my mentor (who I truly adore), medical director and HR manager who actually recruited myself, and last not least, with Vice President of Argentina& Southern Cone, Rodolfo Civale. I must say I was I was under impression- how much attention did he pay to the process- both engaging himself into my recruitment and asking about my impressions but also about the possible impact of my work. I really hope I have filled the expectations. Based on that I can say that for GSK Argentina both people- but as well partners, like Mundo Sano, are treated with the highest respect. I am really proud to be part of such organization. P1010515