October 31


John and Dayna in Uganda – Field time, Critters

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There are many wonderful benefits to being a PULSE participant: Meeting new people, learning about different cultures, acquiring additional skill sets, making new friends, helping the organization and making a difference in patients lives.

One additional perk of being on the African continent is the opportunity to explore the amazing flora and fauna that exists here.

On a recent field visit to the western part of the country I had the privilege to work with a new member of the team to assist him with his customers in his assignment. On the Friday return we decided to explore an area for the weekend that was quite wonderful. Lake Mburo offered the chance to see awesome critters up close and personal via night drives, walking with a guide, and simply sitting in a “hide” near the watering hole where we could see the animals coming to hang here. It was fantastic.

What did we see?

– Bush Babies (cute but liked to fight over bananas)
– Hare (nocturnal)
– Plains Zebra (tons of them)
– Eland
– Defassa Waterbuck
– Sitatunga
– Bushback
– Impala
– Klipspringer
– Topi
– Warthogs (we love them…. They are cool)
– Mongoose
– Buffalo
– Genet cat
– Vervet Monkeys
– Olive Baboon
– Dukier
– Leopard (beautiful…. Posing on a rock at night)

And finally, too many birds to mention.

The time we are able to spend seeing the beautiful country of Uganda during work and the occasional relaxation has added to this amazing experience. We are most fortunate.